October 27, 2023

Introducing The New PCI

We’ve Rebranded!

Our new brand is designed to better represent who we are and to renew our continued, unwavering commitment to our customers.

At PCI Hydraulics+, our journey began in 1985 with a simple yet powerful mission: to be more than just a distributor — a reliable partner who stands beside businesses, helping them thrive with the best in hydraulic components. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our latest milestone, which solidifies our commitment to the industry and to you. 

While our essence remains the same, our new branding reflects the evolution and growth we’ve experienced over the years.

Our New Logo

At the heart of our rebranding is a crisp, sharp logo that captures the spirit of PCI. The shield, waving like a flag, symbolizes our pledge to protect and serve as your trusted guide in the hydraulic industry. It’s an emblem of our dedication to ensuring customer relationships thrive.

Our Promise

At PCI Hydraulics+, our pledge goes beyond supplying components. Our brand promise is clear: To protect our clients’ reputation for reliability and provide consistent, easy access to the components they need to meet their customers’ needs.

This commitment ensures that our clients aren’t just sourcing parts — they’re strengthening their reputations for consistency and trustworthiness every time they work with us. 

URL & Name Change

As we refine our identity to serve our partners better, we have evolved from “Pressure Components, Inc.” to PCI Hydraulics+. This change is more than just a rebranding effort; it reflects our dedication to clarity and precision in everything we do. 

By adopting a name that directly mirrors our expertise, we aim to make it unmistakably clear that we provide the best hydraulics equipment available. Our new URL aligns with this refreshed identity, ensuring our digital presence is as streamlined and user-friendly as our services.  

Why The Change? 

Our journey has taught us the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking. While our foundation remains rooted in providing personalized support, globally-sourced products, and same-day fulfillment, our new brand mirrors our vision for the future — a future where we’re not just suppliers but partners in your success. 

To our valued customers: We’re still the PCI you’ve trusted for years, now with a modern twist that showcases our readiness for the future. Our renewed brand signifies our commitment to continuing our partnership, ensuring that every hydraulic and fluid power component you order reinforces your reputation for reliability.

To our PCI team: This rebrand celebrates our collective efforts. It embodies the countless hours we’ve invested, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the successes we’ve achieved. Our new look might be the face of PCI, but your dedication and hard work are the heart and soul.

As we embrace this new chapter, we’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who’s been a part of our journey so far. Your trust, support, and dedication have shaped PCI into what it is today.

We’re eager to embark on this renewed journey with all of you. Here’s to the next chapter of delivering “Fast, Friendly, Reliable” service!

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