June 21, 2024
An Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits

In the world of fluid power, it’s essential to ensure the integrity of your hydraulic systems.

That’s where hydraulic pressure test kits come in. They provide the essential tools to diagnose and prevent costly malfunctions. However, selecting the right kit can be challenging, with various options available.

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May 22, 2024
Hydraulic Component Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions

The world of hydraulics keeps our industries moving, from powering construction equipment to operating complex machinery. However, recent disruptions have upset the smooth operation of hydraulic component supply chains.  Delays, shortages, and rising costs are causing headaches for businesses everywhere. Learn how to increase customer satisfaction and maintain efficient operations amidst global supply chain disruptions. […]

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October 27, 2023
Introducing The New PCI

We’ve Rebranded! Our new brand is designed to better represent who we are and to renew our continued, unwavering commitment to our customers. At PCI Hydraulics+, our journey began in 1985 with a simple yet powerful mission: to be more than just a distributor — a reliable partner who stands beside businesses, helping them thrive with the […]

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